Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee Endorses Rep. Santos

Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee Endorses Rep. Santos

SEATTLE, WA- The Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee (SEAMEC) has endorsed Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos’s re-election campaign for the 37th District House, giving her the Highest Rating of 5

SEAMEC is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that serves LGBTQ+ communities. Since 1977,  they have interviewed and rated candidates on issues of importance to the LGBTQ+ community. The Friends of Santos campaign is proud to earn their highest endorsement. 

“​I have been a leading advocate for adopting an agenda that centers our priorities on equity as a primary value and focuses our efforts on those who are most marginalized in the fabric of society.” said Rep. Santos, “To this end, I am proud to have been involved in promoting the use of an equity lens in our budget and policy decisions to ensure that LGBTQ+ persons, people of color, and immigrants and refugees are uplifted during these challenging times.” 

For the last 20 years representing the 37th District, Rep. Santos has championed the values of Equity, Opportunity, and Justice. In advancing equity for all, she will continue to work with the LGBTQ+ leaders and allies in the Legislature as well as in the community to identify and promote legislation that will promote equality for all. One avenue for progress that  Rep. Santos believes the Legislature should continue to focus on collecting disaggregated data to document inequities in socio-economic and health outcomes for LGBTQ+ persons.  This type of equity analysis could then lead to targeting state resources – including operating and capital dollars - for specific programs and services that cater to our LGBTQ+ community. 


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